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When my wife and I were preparing to build our house, we had the typical list of questions and choices to face, but I told her there was one detail that I was sure of: I wanted John Werner, Inc. to be our builder.  As an insulation contractor, I had worked for many builders over the years and knew John's construction was among the best that I had seen.  I was confident that he would partner with us to build the house that we wanted at the level of quality he demanded. So, how did it go? Well, we got our house built and we love it. Over the next couple years, we had John back to add a screened porch and later a detached garage with a loft and raised deck. He was around so much in those years that our two youngest daughters took to calling him "our John". Even though the house, porch, and detached garage were separate projects over several years, the look is seamless and everyone thinks that they were built all at once. Working with John Werner, Inc. was everything we wanted our building experience to be.

Mark and Debby Oristaglio
Bedminster Pa

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